Wall Protection Systems

Gradus has been manufacturing, supplying and fitting wall protection systems to the UK and International markets for nearly two decades and provides one of the most extensive wall protection systems available today.

All Gradus wall protection profiles have been designed to protect surfaces such as walls, corners and doors and provide an essential barrier against damage caused by the general flow of wheeled and pedestrian traffic.

Floor Trims & Stair Edgings

Gradus Accessories is the market leader in contract flooring accessories and offers the widest choice in product solutions for stairs and floors.  All products are designed to meet the safety, performance and aesthetic requirements of architects, specifiers and contractors across world markets. Gradus Accessories offers over 40 years experience in the innovation and design of market leading products suitable for use in a wide range of applications covering all sectors including commercial, retail, leisure, healthcare and education.

Barrier Matting Systems

An effective barrier matting system, when correctly specified, will help to minimize the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floorcoverings by significantly reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building. Gradus barrier matting cannot only be used at a building’s entrance and access points but also in other areas that are subject to increased risk of soiling and heavy wear.  In many cases the optimum performance is achieved by combining different types of barrier matting.

LED Lighting Systems ​

Gradus Lighting is a specialist business offering a range of extra low voltage decorative LED products primarily for use in the Leisure sector in environments such as cinemas, nightclubs, casinos and cruise ships.  These systems can also be used in areas where non-intrusive lighting is required such as lecture theatres and museums.




Safety & Protection Systems ​

Gradus Safety & Protection Systems are designed to protect buildings and equipment from damage by providing both a visual and physical barrier to impact, and also help to minimize damage when impact does occur. Pedestrian safety is also improved by keeping vehicles and pedestrians separate which helps to minimize the risk of accidents. This comprehensive range is ideal for applications such as service areas, loading bays and car parks.



Healthcare Cubicle & Shower Curtains ​

Hospital room cleanliness helps prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

A need is evident, and solutions exist. Through innovation and a passion for making easy, safe and beautiful privacy systems, our cubicle curtains and cubicle track systems provide a full range of options to help reduce these risks.



Expansion Joint Systems ​

Aesthetics, innovation and durability are the hallmark of Omnia Bina’s floor, wall, ceiling and roof joint cover systems. Engineered systems include features that are ADA compliant, fire-rated, no-bump and heavy-load designs capable of thermal, seismic and wind-sway movement.




Metal Ceilings ​

Suspended metal ceilings provide important visual and technical features to the interiors of all types of building projects as they help in the acoustics by reducing sound reflections and noise and can cover all MEP services running in the plenum while ensure easy access for future repairs and maintenance works.

We offer a wide variety of metal ceiling systems. Please contact us for more details.



Sun Shading Systems ​

The use of sun shading systems is essential in residential and commercial buildings to protect the building’s interior against sun and heat and provide comfort to the people living and working inside.

Sun shading systems come in a lot of different forms and can be manual or automated. Please contact us for more details.



Energy Solutions

PV Solar Systems ​

Solar panels are made up of silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunlight hits the PV panels, cells absorb the sunlight’s rays and electricity is produced. The electricity produced is in (DC) mode Direct Current, which we need to change it to (AC) Alternating Current is suitable and can be used in your home or office using an Inverter. The power generated can be stored using Batteries for later use and all access power generated can be sold back to utility provider (Grid).






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